Injection Moulding

We have injection machines, automatic capabilities from 50 tons to 200 tons of global brands such as Batten Field - arburg - Engel, running injection Hydromechanics or Toggle with a great ability in the strength of the lock, which gives a great advantage in the operation of many products in addition to the presence of control of a complete at speed - pressure - time - the heat by using PLC. Featuring these machines to its ability to form many different products, plastic raw materials, such as : (PA - ABS - PP - HDPE -PS- LDPE)

Blow Moulding

We have blowing machines for manufacturing different designs and sizes of packaging and terry cans using various raw materials , we can manufacture from 50 mm3 to 5 litters and our machines are running on :

  1. Automatic control system ( PLC ) in all the machine function ( pressure - temperature - speed - time ).
  2. Protection system to all the hydraulic parts and the temperature degree of the hydraulic oil.
  3. Germany made head with a hydraulic blowing for motion in all directions.
  4. The machines are using ( PP - PE ) raw materials.
  5. A controlling unit in the product thickness ( parison control ).
  6. Neck finishing machine.
  7. Leakage testing machine.

Blown Film

We have in the filming sector the highest technology in the production of plastic rolls made of
(P.E) with high and low density , our machines is using a German technology of W & H company :

  1. The screw and the glider are made of steel ( SCM4 & SACM645 ).
  2. The head is covered from inside by a layer from the hard chrome.
  3. All motors with changeable speed PC , VS.
  4. Cooling system in the gearbox , and an automatic lubricating for all the moving inner parts .